New Years Resolution 2010 info

1. Mickie James(c) def. Maryse Normal Match for Divas Title 02:19
2. Rey Mysterio(c) def. Carlito Normal Match for Cruiserweight Title 06:00
3. Melina(c)def. Natalia Normal Match for Womens Title 05:59
4. The Wall Breakers(Chris Jericho and The Miz) def. The trouble in paradisers(Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)(c) Normal Match for Unified Tag Team Titles 17:35
5. Driver 88 def. Triple H(c), Batista, JoJo Wigman

Fatal 4 Way TLC match for TLC title

6.Nitro Bros.(Shawny Nitro and Johnny Hitro)(c) def. Mick Foley and the Rock Hardcore Match for Hardcore Title 23:43

7.John Cena(c) def Shawn Micheals

Ladder Match for WWE Title 31:04
8.Randy Orton def Raven(c), Edge Hardcore Triple Threat for Hardcore Title 45:00
9. Jeff Hardy(c) def. John Morrison, CM Punk, Christain Fatal 4 Way Anarchy of Faith Match for Heavyweight Title 1:56:12

Tagline: My Resolution is........ |- | Theme Song: Break by 3Days Grace |- |Date: January 9, 2010 |- | Pay per view chronology

New Years Revolution(2010)

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