The Bash (2010)

PPV InfoEdit

Tagline: Blood is on its way

Date: Febuary 20, 2010

Type: First Blood matches

Theme Song: Martyr No More

Match PreviewEdit


Stone Cold def� Shane Mcmahon� and Vince Mcmahon

Stone Cold made Shane Mcmahon bleed.

Triple Threat First Blood if Stone Cold Wins He is back in action if he loses he leaves forever 15:00

CM Punk def Tyson Kidd(c), Santino Marella, Luke Gallows and Dolph Ziggler

Punk made Santino bleed

First Blood Mayhem Match for USA Championship 23:00
3 Melina(c)(c) def Beth Phoenix Normal Match for both Divas and Womens Titles 08:00
4 Jack Swagger def Carlito and John Morrison No. 1 Contenders match for Intercontinental Championship on next episode of Raw 06:00
5 JoJo Wigman def Driver 88(c) TLC Match for TLC Title 37:00

Rey Mysterio(c) def EDGE, Mick Foley ,The Rock and Shawn Micheals

Mysterio made Mick Foley bleed.

First Blood match for Inter Championship 17:00
7 Nitro Bros(c) and Raven(c) def The Masked Maniacs and Joey Heels

Hardcore match for Hardore Tag and Hardcore Title

If Team 1 wins Nitro Bros retain and Raven retains, but if they dont the opposite happens.

8 The ReyKanes def The Wall Breakers(c) and The Highflying Trouble in Paradisers First Blood Match for Unified Tag